PC Animation

I have managed to get a films up that aren't made in Flipnote Studios.
I have made a short animation on iPad in an app called Animation Creator HD.
I also have some short films, they can all be seen here.

I'm currently dabbling with a few programs, I'm lucky enough to have access to Flash and the entire Adobe creative suite at work, but I started out with the free programs.
I personally find some of the free programs to match Flash, if you're an old school animator, then Flash may not be your thing, it's just a bit too techie. If you're serious about animating on a PC, then I recommend buying a digital drawing tablet. They can be bought in all sizes and price ranges, I am currently using a Wacom Bamboo One, a special offer in a supermarket. I'm satisfied with it for now. I can see myself buying a bigger one at some point in the future, if I get into PC animation.

Here are the free programs I have found interesting. I'm working on a description of these programs, in the meantime you can click on them to visit their respective homepages.
Pencil is an interesting alternative to Flash, it can combine vector and bitmap graphics, it feels slightly more creative than technical, but is a little buggy.
Plastic Animation Paper 4.0 is the most interesting program of the bunch. It is purely for drawing, it doesn't support full colour either, but it is very professional. Like a real cartoon studio, colour must be added in a different program. It has a bizarre user interface, but for the true artists out there, this program is great.
Vectorian Giotto is also interesting. It is a great alternative to Flash, maybe a little easier to use too, but it tends to crash quite often. This program can produce interactive flash content as well as animations.
Synfig is the nerds dream. It isn't great for drawing in. Images are imported and Synfigs job is to manipulate them, move them, resize them, rotate them. A new version of this program has been released, it seems to be more attractive to the creative animator.
Gimp is an open source image manipulation program, almost on a par with photoshop.
Even though I have access to photoshop, I often find myself using this program instead.
It can be a bit fiddly, it can take an age to start up, but it's great to use.
It also has a great name. I mention gimp because it can produce animated gifs as well as still images for use in the other programs mentioned on the list.

I'm sure there are many more programs out there that could be mentioned, as well as numerous online animation sites. My focus is on free here. At some point, when I get more routine in my PC animation I will expand the list based on my experiences with what I use.

There are of course other ways of animating just by using the programs that come pre-installed on PC's, paint and Windows Movie Maker, but that would prove to be annoying, drawing every frame in paint, saving them individually and then putting them into Windows Movie Maker 1 by 1. If you're familiar with paint and you've got heaps of time, then by all means give it a go. I won't though.

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