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Despite being 41, a lot of my flipnotes are about some of the things that unite all people and they can appear to be rather juvenile. We're born, we eat, we shit, we piss, we reproduce and we die. I observe the world around me and I ask myself the stupid question, which leads to an even more stupid answer.
A lot of my flipnotes tend to challenge the rules laid down for what a flipnote can contain. No swearing, no sex, no vulgarity, no offensive content, no blood, no generalising, etc. etc. I have got a lot of the above things into my flipnotes without actually putting them there,
I have managed to sneak past the the beady eye of censor with a lot of my stuff.
Innuendo, metaphors, language and nature are the main drive behind my flipnotes.
I am fully aware of the fact that I ocassionally get away with murder.

I feel that I am a good contributor to the community, and there is a group of creators, most of them adult, who tend to hang out and do the odd collaboration together. It's these people that have kept flipnote hatena interesting. Flipnote Hatena is currently in a hole of inactivity, most people, including myself, are predisposed with other stuff.

Apart from all my flipnotes, I haven't produced much. There is another app on DSi called inchworm, which theoretically is far superior to flipnote studio. It has unlimited colour, much higher resolutions, 6 layers and can access the DSi camera directly, for still images, stop motion and limited filming. It has much more powerful drawing tools and is technically excellent. The only 4 things that drag it down are that sound isn't supported, there is only 1 level of undo, the program is much more complex than flipnote studio and most importantly of all, there is no online community. Inchworm isn't free, but at 500 points it's quite a bargain. Despite the shortfalls this program has, I can recommend it, even if it's only to draw still images. I have posted my inchworm animation to my youtube account, along with some of my best flips and a few flips that I considered inappropriate for the hatena site.
Implying that Americans are fat never goes down well. Not that I implied that, but the flipnote could be misunderstood by some people.

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