The Archives

Before you could walk, I made a multi-lingual homepage about the good old gameboy and gameboy colour. This site hasn't been updated for 12 years, but with the release of the Nintendo 3DS and Virtual Console, some of this information could be relevant again, so go have a look. The entire site was coded in Netscape Composer and Notebook.
As you'll see from the long list, I've been through quite a few games since 1989, when I first put my hands on a gameboy.

A few years later I started a Nintendo DS homepage, again multi-lingual. It never really got off of the ground, because of significant life changes and my sudden lack of interest in games when I downloaded Flipnote Studio. This site was composed in an early version of dreamweaver. Both sites are viewable here.

I had always planned to revive these sites and update them, but at the end of the day,
I really can't be arsed.

DS & Gameboy fansite