Adult Animators

A fair amount of the adult animators from flipnote hatena have moved over to youtube.
You can find them on my subscription list from my youtube channel.

This might sound strange, but the older creators on hatena can sometimes get a lot of stick because of their age. We get accused of being pedos and other niceties. The badly placed comments come in flurries, and I have not been a major victim of runt idiocy, despite putting myself in the line of fire numerous times. In a chat with Simon, the concept of Adult Animators was born. You might not know it, but there are actually quite a few adults on hatena. There are also a few younger people who claim to be adults, but they're not the real deal. I am in no way claiming that adult creators are better than younger creators, but there does seem to be a mutual code of respect among the true adults on hatena. There are also loads of creators that aren't adult that have this understanding. I have, however, only had grief from a small handful of the younger audience, identity cloning, mass reporting, stalking and dumb comments.

Being an adult on hatena gives some responsibilities I guess, the adults of hatena tend to follow the rules laid down by hatena, but some of us challenge the rules without officially breaking them. I am currently in the process of making a blog for all the willing adult animators. Mrjohn seems keen and I'm negotiating with some others. I will only name the adult animators who want to take part in this project. As with my other blog, this blog will be open for everybody to comment, as long as it remains decent.

This blog could be interesting, maybe there will be some good tips or entertaining threads.
Watch this space...

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