I've just put all of Franks flipnotes together in one youtube film, it's over 20 minutes long.
Click on the thumbnail to the right to see it.

Where would I be without Frank? Frank is fairly popular on Hatena, here's his history.

Just before I drew Frank, I made a flip about a guy who was misunderstood by his girlfriend, she proceded to smack him in the kisser with her bag. This flipnote drew some attention from the likes of Ninetales, a great community player with a sharp wit. A lengthy discussion with Nintetales led to this couple being named Haywood & Anita. I don't recall Haywood's surname, but Anita had a Japanese background, her surname was Takashita.
Haywood & Anita starred in many flips, and there was even a 'make your own' misunderstanding flipnote, where other creators could change the script.
I personally found this series fairly amusing, but it lacked the depth that Frank has.
Frank initially needed another active player in his films to deliver his honesty, Anita was too damn quiet. Frank's policy in the beginning was to be honest, to say the first thing that popped into his head without any real emotion. Frank starred in a fair few flipnotes with his unspecified lady friend, before he started getting involved with other people. I started putting him in flips with other characters I'd created. He has also been in a few flips where he addresses you, the audience, with some nasty comment.
I figured that other people would like to star in a flipnote with Frank, so I made 2 competitions where other creators could draw their character and add a few details.
These competitions were fairly popular, people were lining up, inviting me to make a film where Frank could insult them or their character. I willingly obliged. A lot of flipnotes were made as a result of these competitions, they were generally well accepted by all, even the victims. There have been more Frank flipnotes since, but he appears with much less frequency at the moment.

Frank Artwork

The original drawing of Frank was made as a puppet on a stick in my previous job in a kindergarten. Drawing him in a flipnote was from memory. A lot of other stick puppets were made at this time, also his unspecified female friend. Frank's look is the look of the standard middle-aged male who shaves his head to hide the fact that he's going bald.
Frank has a shaking effect in almost all of his flipnotes, this effect is made by drawing one picture, tracing a new almost identical drawing on a new frame over the first and then alternating between the 2 frames. Almost all of Franks flipnotes are animated at Speed 6. Frank wears a tie to underline the fact that he is adult.
The design of Frank is based on quite a few people I know.

Frank's personality

Frank's personality is loosely based on mine and my fathers, but I genuinely believe that the defining aspect of Frank's personality exists in us all. I remember as a kid muttering stuff like 'I wish you were dead' to people who annoyed me (sorry mum!). I didn't mean it at all, it was just the first thing that popped up in my head. Growing up teaches you to filter out the spontaneous unwanted comment, they can tend to get you into trouble. Frank failed to go through this process. However, Frank has an added dimension, his comments are rarely based on annoyance, he isn't provoked into saying these things, he just says what he thinks. Example: if your girlfriend asks if her arse is big, you say no, regardless of what you actually think, am I right? If Frank thinks the arse in question is big, then he'll say yes.
This action illustrates a flaw in the personality of the person asking more than a flaw in Franks raw honesty. If you can't accept an answer, don't ask the question.
Frank's voice is pretty much my own voice, Ninetales claims that he can hear the difference between my voice and Frank's. I'm glad he can, I though I was the only one who could.

Frank's future

I've taken good care of Frank, there have been a fair few attempts by other creators to recreate him, but they rarely hit the spot. I am working on putting Frank in larger scale animations on a PC, this proves to be very time consuming, and there are lots of things that need to be considered. Frank will still appear in a flipnote every so often, the ideas are there, but I'm counting on upgrading him to a bigger screen (not the big screen though).
I'll get some new artwork of Frank up on here soon. Despite his lack of detail, Frank isn't that easy to draw, no doubt due to the lack of detail. Frank will be back!

Original FrankOriginal Frank drawing

Frank Flipnote Frank

You can see all of Franks flipnotes here.