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My page about Frank is up now, have a look.
I've got most of my worthwhile flipnotes up on youtube, just click on the Flipnote Playlist link to see them all, there's also an instructional video if you want to make your own flipnote compilations for youtube.

The blog is online now, I'm looking into changing the design, but I'm stuck with a template that seems fairly uneditable. I'm currently trying to lure the 'adult animators' on flipnote hatena to take part in a new blog, purely for adult animators. So far Mrjohn has shown interest, I've asked Katt and JoseCandel, and I plan to ask Simon, Nella and a few of the other respected elders on hatena. Hell, even Dee is welcome!! Keep your fingers crossed.

Click on the links to the left, there's a list of free PC animation programs, a page about Flipnote Studios, some Adult Animator information and a lot more.

I'm not a great animator myself, at least I don't think so. Detail is always secondary to content when I make a flipnote. This is due to the memory limitations in flipnotes and laziness. On a PC there is no excuse, use more detail. Good idea, but that has a serious price: use more time. Time isn't something I have an abundance of, having a full time job, a family and a home tend to take up a lot of my time.

No matter what, I'm giving it a shot anyway. I'll keep you posted as to progress. In the meantime, have a look around the site. I've been searching around for free alternatives to the likes of Flash, some of which I'll describe. I will of course include a link to the programs' homepages, should you wish to have a go.

Flipnote Playlist